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Oxford Fashion Campus, Oxford’s non-profit high fashion networking society, would like to invite you to its debut charity catwalk on 11th June for an evening full of beauty, style and purpose.

The event marks the first of many charity catwalks to be organised by Oxford Fashion Campus. The aim is to raise money and awareness for two important UNICEF campaigns, namely the Haiti and China Earthquake Children’s Appeals.

Set in the magical City of Spires, the evening promises to capture the town’s special charm to create one of the most captivating, spellbinding shows you will have ever seen.   The event will showcase highlights from the ever inspiring, innovative design talents of Oxford and London, the event shall also play host to top stylists and world renowned designers including Dior, Armani and Ralph Lauren.  The event will also stage a ‘design your own vintage competition’, to celebrate creativity, innovation and originality in this, one of the world’s most ancient academic citadel.

Although our guests will no doubt lose themselves in the wonderful, hypnotic world of fashion, this charity catwalk is ultimately about fashion with a heart. “We wanted something fun”, event organiser Dr Ling Ge revealed, “but we also wanted a party with a loving heart to show that we can all wear it on our sleeve whether or not that sleeve bears an expensive trademark.”

Please join us for this special evening and help us support this worthy cause.  Tickets are priced at £5 each and all proceeds go directly to UNICEF.  To put things into context, the cost of just two tickets could provide water containers for three families, helping them to collect and store water safely.  Just £12 could provide polio vaccines for one hundred children or HIV medicines for a mother and baby for three months. A further £16 could buy exercise books for fifty children.  Funds raised will be put to good cause and will no doubt make a difference to the lives of these people. 

Be sure to arrive early to secure the best seats in the house. Then sit back, relax, and sip on one of our exclusive fashion cocktails as the glitz and the glamour unravels before your very eyes.

Make your donation online now and secure your ticket:

If you have any further enquires please do not hesitate to contact Dr Ling Ge at