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Oxford Fashion Campus is the ultimate social connection for smart women and men from leading Universities and companies from all over the world.

It facilitates discussions of grace, charm, good taste and humour. The main theme is to bring out people's inner confidence, inspire and change your life style, and provide a platform to share your experience with other lovable inspiring naughty and glam friends and SHINE through together!!

The group is offering weekly 'how to look good dressed' advice, 'fashion with heart' information such as the 'pants to poverty' event, personal 'wardrobe doctor' and 'make over' advice / service, and advice for keeping a harmonic relationship. The group deals with the adaptation of trends, but follows the principle of style over fashion.

The team is organising diverse events, like charity fund-raising fashion shows with costumes from world-famous designers, useful exciting presentations on personal styling by celebrities and top model stylists, fun photo shoot sessions with award-winning photographers and prestigious competitions for best-dressed lady / gentleman at special events or college balls, and distinguished awards for creative fashion designs or photos.

The Lovable Inspiring Naughty Glam Team


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